Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Drama Club 2012 DAY ONE

Sat 11 Aug 2012
Day One

Today we had our first session with the new batch for 2012-13. So far there are 11 children in the group and we are hoping for a few more participants by the time we have our second session (25th Aug).
Three hours of games that explored physical expression was not something the children had expected. Not sure what their parents had told them about the drama club, the children were definitely thrilled. We also had 8 artistes from Gillo Theatre Repertory who participated in the session. The important note being that adults and children took part as equals, not as teachers and students.

I forgot that the session is till 7pm and wound up the day at sharp 6.30pm. Children were visibly and vocally disappointed, but thrilled when we told them there is another half hour! Maybe if I had planned this it would have not worked!

Now we are all eagerly waiting for our next session. There is a lot in store ahead, from shadowplay to puppetry and masks and much more.
Also excited about involving the parents early on as participants, so they can 'touch and feel' the experience of the workshop.
That's it for now.
Keep visiting this blog for updates :)

Shaili Sathyu
Artistic Director
Gillo Theatre Repertory

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