Friday, June 25, 2010

Gillo presents

2 summer workshops for 4 to 6 year olds

Venue: Akshara High School, Charkop, Kandivili

Schedule: 17th to 24th March 2010

Time: 10 am to 12 noon


Conductors: Gillo team - Mithila Lad, Hetal Varia, Subodh Surve

Exploring mime, movement, music and acting through simple fun exercises.

Children shall be encouraged

to express themselves in different ways that will build their confidence and communication skills.


Conductors: Gillo team – Tanya Mahajan, Sancharee Saha, Abir Patwardhan

Children will explore a variety of materials and use them for free expressions through painting, clay and collage. The focus shall be to facilitate each child’s individual creativestyle / expression through materials and techniques of their interest.

SATURDAY DRAMA CLUB - Starts on 28 Aug 2010

About the Group
GILLO, established in 2009, is an independent children's media group based in Mumbai. Our area of work spans from education to the arts and media. Our theatre wing aims to produce plays specially written and designed for children, with a focus on indigenous content and the Indian context. We also plan to start drama clubs; conduct theatre workshops and training for children, teachers and parents; and organise other activities that engage children with the theatre arts. Our first venture under the theatre project is a Hindi play titled Suar Chala Space Ko which premiered in May 2010 at the Prithvi Summertime in Mumbai.

About the Club
SATURDAY DRAMA CLUB is a popular concept all over the world. We at GILLO are providing this opportunity for children to explore theatre and its allied arts. Participants shall work with our actors, musicians, dancers and designers in sessions that have a workshop style format and integrated activities. Any Theatre activity provides an opportunity for building teamwork, confidence, developing speech skills, igniting creativity, expressions, exploring one’s body and self image and so on. Yet, we are not offering a formal ‘drama class’ or ‘theatre training’ for children. The purpose is to expose children to various elements of theatre, in an interactive, fun-filled manner. Activities shall cover Theatre and the Allied Arts: Games and exercises to develop diction, expression, movement and other acting skills; Mime and movement; Puppetry, Mask making, story-telling, theatre appreciation, costume and set making, poster design, etc. The medium of instruction shall be Hindi, Marathi and English. Participants should have the time to attend the club regularly from August/September 2010 to May 2011 so that the continuity of sessions is not lost.

The SATURDAY DRAMA CLUB shall be conducted by the GILLO Team:
Shaili Sathyu, Mithila Lad, Hetal Varia, Pooja Pant, Subodh Surve, Sharvari Deshpande, Siddharth Jhaveri, Navyata Malkani, Abir Patwardhan and assissted by actors from our theatre group.

For Registration form - email us at

  • Age group: 7 to 12 yearsMaximum participants: 20
  • Duration: August/September 2010 to May 2011
  • Sessions: Total 30 sessions
  • Timings: 4pm to 7pm (Average 3 Saturdays per month. Will be adjusted as per participants school exams, main festivals, our theatre shows, etc)
  • Venue: Akshara High School, Plot No.1, RSC 12, Sector 8, Charkop, Kandivili West, Mumbai 400067
  • Fees: Rs.6000/- per annum (can be paid in 2 instalments)

Submit your registration forms:
  • By email to
  • By post to GILLO, 4 Sagar Sameep, Nehru Nagar CHS, Kishore Kumar Marg, Juhu Tara, Mumbai 400049
  • Dropbox at Akshara High School

Registration dates
  • Last date for submission of form is 25th August 2010
  • Fees to be paid latest by 28th August 2010
  • First workshop session on Sat 28th August 2010 from 4pm to 7pm

Facebook Group: GILLO
Phone: Hetal Varia 9869000354 / Shaili Sathyu 9820593736

SUAR CHALA SPACE KO - what the audience says...

‘Terrific fun!’ - Shyam Benegal, Film maker

'We all loved your play. Kids watched with their mouths open...just what their fantasies are made of!' - Radhika Sood Nayak, Parent

‘Enjoyed thoroughly. Effortless performance!’ - Rohini Kapadia, Teacher

‘Amazing, amazing production – acting, direction & the message...’ - Jayoo Patwardhan, Architect & Film maker

‘Very nice and creative!’ - Suhani Acharya, age 9 years

‘The drama was great, innovative and very creative. I enjoyed it very much.’ Hazel Parekh, age 8 years

‘The effects were awesome!’ - Mrs. Jain, Parent

‘Absolutely delightful! Great ideas!’ - Tara Ramaseshan, Parent

SUAR CHALA SPACE KO - Press coverage

Press Coverage

Bombay Times (Review by Deepa Gahlot)

Shaili Sathyu opened the first production with her newly formed group Suar Chala Space Ko at the Horniman Circle Gardens... kids sat back and enjoyed the play. It was a simple production, which made good use of available resources, to create a spaceship through shadow play and an alien planet with a large swathe of red cloth and choreography. The plot about two kids and their pets who make a quick trip into space with strange consequences, is rather slim, the costumes of the animals and the aliens are kept simple the production shows what can be done with a low budget and loads of imagination. Kids in the audience, have to suspend disbelief (you can’t, for instance, go Mars and back in a few hours), and just enjoy the experience.

Mumbai Theatre Guide (Review by Sudeep Modak)

..... script is tight and compact. It is filled with interesting ideas and twists and turns which hold the audience for the most part. The playwright has created some interesting characters in the form of the chirpy mausi, the whacky doctors, and the multi-lingual aliens. The light tone and humor of the play helps to set the mood and the pace.
.....The play is written in a way that its success heavily depends on the visual design. And the director has done a good job of creating the necessary illusion to support the script. The play's most important device is the design of the space ship. The director plays with shadows throughout the space ship scenes thus enthralling and fascinating its audience.
.....The play entertains and fascinates the children. They also connect well with the characters and the central idea of this play. It creates the desired impact on its audience often inspiring awe and making them laugh.

Timeout (Preview by Bijal Vachharajani)

Mid-day (Preview by Aditi Sharma)

LAALCHI BACHIYA GULABO - a short skit in Hindi

A short skit based on a picture story book for 4 to 6 year olds.
Gulabo is a spoilt calf, who is selfish and also a big show-off! One day, she gobbles up a basket full of potatoes AND a drum full of pumkins. All this selfish gobbling gives her a lot of err...ummm... GAS! Now what else did you expect!?
The skit ends with how she learns her lesson and starts sharing and making friends.

Performed at Akshara High School's Founder's day mela on Sunday 7th Feb 2010.


Navyata Malkani, Sharvari Deshpande, Mithila Lad, Hetal Varia

Vighnesh Sinkar, Siddharth Jhaveri, Dhanraj Pawar, Subodh Surve


John Soans

Tanya Mahajan

Shaili Sathyu