Monday, January 11, 2010

What is this blog for?

Well, this blog is mainly for us to share our thoughts and ideas with all of you out there.
  • We shall be putting up details about our current and upcoming projects.
  • Information on interesting websites that are related to our fields of work.
  • Resource pool for teachers, parents and all associated with children.
  • Reviews of the latest children's books, music albums, movies, toys, etc.
  • Where you can get what? That's because most people have difficulty in locating stuff they want to get for their children.

So stay in touch!

First Post

Hello, Namaste, Aadaab, Hi...
So finally I have started my blog. 'I' matlab Gillo. That's Gillo Gilehri for those who don't know me at all. I am the mascot for an independent children's media group named after me. This group is based in Mumbai, one of the largest cities in India.
My main job is to guide this company in producing material and organizing activities that help children, parents and teachers to make childhood and learning fun and enriching. (Phew! That's a big responsibility!) Learning that has a focus on knowledge, but with particular emphasis on identity, values and of course - fun. The aim is to provide stimulation for children to develop an interest in and to generate curiosity about the world around them.
We aim to generate print, audio, video and other material for children in India between the age of 1yr and 18 yrs. Products, activities and events shall be in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati and Urdu. There will be a definite focus on content development that is Indian and caters to our children with their realities and context in mind.
Currently there are some companies in India who are working on similar lines. We shall join them in creating more meaningful material for Indian children. We will initiate collaborative projects with other groups and also facilitate inter-disciplinary work across different media under one roof.

Our work will cover a wide range of themes and media. Here are some of the things we want to do. The work is divided into 3 main segments, but we would be working with an inter-disciplinary approach.

Education consultancy services for schools, training for teachers, parents and children.
Design and Development of Teaching Learning Equipment for school children of different ages.
Learning about our world through outdoor activities (sports, farming, gardening, bird-watching, trekking, camping, nature clubs, etc)

Visual Arts - painting, sculpture, pottery, photography, design, etc.

Performing Arts - music, dance, drama, puppetry

Literary Arts

Internet based content (web based resources and games)

The content shall be developed and designed by people who are experienced in the field of education, arts and media. We will involve those who have worked with a special focus on children and have a keen interest in making children’s lives more meaningful and exciting.
Content will be based on the varied experience of professionals, parents, and children, as well as on research by scholars in India and in the Indian context.

I know it all sounds big on paper and seems like a huge task….but we will make it happen – because we want to!