Testimonials for GILLO 

In today’s day and age to find a new theatre group that sets off to create professional theatre just for children and young people is astounding! And then to discover the vigour and earnestness with which this young theatre group GILLO is embarking on this journey is inspiring to say the last!
However if GILLO keeps up the good work that one saw in its maiden production Suar Chala Space Ko – which used effective simplicity to create magic on stage and enchant children of all ages … then we have a very  promising theatre group whose work, I for one will wait for in anticipation. I wish GILLO all the very best in its fabulous journey towards developing serious yet delightful theatre for children. 
- Sanjna Kapoor (Director, Prithvi Theatre)

Shaili Sathyu is one of the few in the city who works devotedly for and with children. She does theatre that is heart-warming, entertaining and thought-provoking. Her Barsoram Dhaadake Se and Suar Chala Space Ko are examples of plays that understand how to communicate with children.
- Deepa Gahlot (Journalist with Times of India and Head of Programming at NCPA, Mumbai)

In a scenario where children spend hours before their TV sets or computers, GILLO's play Suar Chala Space Ko came as a refreshing intervention. The remarkable thing about it was that the children had participated in conceiving and scripting it. To perform a play that they owned before packed houses and be applauded for their efforts must have shown them how different theatre is from virtual reality.
 Shanta Gokhale (Renowned Writer & Journalist, Mumbai)

It was indeed a treat for my students to have GILLO come over and stage Suar Chala Space Ko for us. The production was a delight for all age groups - we could see the parents who accompanied their kids having as much fun as the kids themselves.
Thank you, too, for keeping the costing affordable - so that I was able to make sure that kids over a much wider social spectrum could enjoy this wonderful theatrical experience.
- Mahrukh Bharucha (Founder of Expressions Unlimited! Pune)

I must say that my faith in theatre for children has been reinstated after watching GILLO’s play Suar Chala Space Ko. That is because it was not a childish play and neither did it insult their intelligence! As a grandmom too I enjoyed watching the play, which is the true test of a good play for children.
Jayoo Patwardhan (Costume Designer & Architect)

It is absolutely delightful that GILLO has been established as a group dedicated to creating theatre for children. Such an effort was necessary - to create a professional theatre of standard for youngsters to see ... and GILLO has made it very clear through their initial production - Suar Chala Space Ko…. All we need to do now is support their endeavours in any and every way possible.
Sameera Iyengar (Creative Director of Prithvi Theatre Festival, Mumbai)