Thursday, August 9, 2012

India-UK partnership

In August 2012 the British Council is presenting a tour of The Snow Queen by Chennai-based playwright Anupama Chandrasekhar to three Indian cities. Performances are as follows:
Chennai        10 Aug (2 performances)      Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall
Mumbai         14-16 Aug (6 performances) NCPA, Experimental
Bangalore     21-22 Aug (4 performances) Ranga Shankara
The play was originally performed at the Unicorn Theatre, London in November-January 2012. This tour has been produced by Trestle Theatre Company and the play is directed by Rosamunde Hutt.
Trestle and Trinity Workshops
As part of this tour, British Council is also presenting a series of workshops for teachers.  These workshops are designed by Trestle and Trinity, with support from the British Council and Mumbai-based drama educator Shaili Sathyu (from the Gillo Theatre Repertory).
We at Gillo are very happy to be a part of this outreach programme that has been designed not only to enrich and support the production, but also share approaches to creating theatre pieces for young audiences.
Physical storytelling has been at the core of our work at Gillo and it is very interesting to engage with theatre practitioners from UK and share approaches.
We hope this outreach programme will be able to seed a fresh approach to the idea of performance and will lead to development of new writing and plays for children in India.

Shaili Sathyu (Gillo Theatre Repertory), Emily Gray (Trestle Theatre UK) and Preeti Gaonkar (British Council) at the teachers' workshop in Mumbai

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