Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Films for Children and Young People

GILLO is putting together a resource list of films for children. This list shall be made available on our blog and facebook group for all interested parents and teachers.

We invite you to contribute to our effort by sending in your list of 50 feature films (animation included) and 50 short films for viewing by children. So not necessarily films 'made for children' but all those that you feel kids will / should watch and shall enjoy.

  • The films can include Indian and International cinema in any language.
  • Age groups are not fixed. But if you want to divide your list you could try 3-6 yrs; 6-10yrs; 11-14 yrs; 15-18 yrs
  • Themes can be any and whatever you wish to include in the list. But you may also include films that may or maynot be related to school curricula (historicals, biographies, films based on books, etc)
We shall also add in details of where you can source / purchase the films in our list.

If you know any existing online links to such lists then please do share with us.

Last date to send in your lists is 31st Dec 2010

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