Thursday, October 26, 2017


As we prepare for our #GilloOnTheGo KA 2017 tour, here is a Green Charter that we have shared with each team member.

Our primary aim is to travel to places and share our work through the medium of theatre. But we feel we must be responsible in other areas, especially in the use of resources and waste management. Hence the Green Charter. 

It is important that EVERY team member follows these guidelines, so that we can succeed in our collective mission.

It has been carefully thought out and made with an understanding of how our tour days work. We have tried to follow these all through October, and hopefully we shall continue to do so after we return from the trip as well :)

Main areas of focus:
1. Reduce use of plastic
2. Reduce wastage (use) of water
3. Reduce waste; Recycle where possible; Responsible disposal of waste
4. Responsible purchase of local food with minimal packaging
5. Minimal sound / noise pollution
6. Thoughtful use of material for Display and Decor

1. No plastic plates, spoons, cups, etc. for food
2. Personal mugs for tea
3. Avoiding purchase of things in plastic bags / wrapped in plastic
4. No flex for display 
5. Use of cloth bags for most things (except wet stuff)

1. NO purchase of bottled water
2. All team members to use re-fillable bottles; locally sourced filtered water will be available
3. Minimum use of water while washing plates, etc. [To try the 2 tub method as and when possible]
4. 1 bucket bath once a day ONLY
5. Scheduled washing of clothes (as well as costumes)

1. Dialogue with hosts in advance on waste; disposal with care (incl. personal hygiene products)
2. No wastage of food; food once taken on plate must be finished. If food is left-over after everyone has eaten, to take steps to make the best use of that food. 
3. Avoiding the use of tissue paper / toilet paper (unless there is no water)
4. When discarding waste, wash and dry the waste so it's easy to recycle

Purchase of local food, free from packaging
1. Purchase of local food from local vendors (no purchase from malls and chain stores). E.g. seasonal fruits, local bread, local snacks (could be street food)
2. No soda and sugar based drinks in any form will be purchased
3. No tetrapack based drinks will be purchased (e.g. juice) or sachet based drinks will be purchased (e.g. chaas in a plastic bag)
4. No straws will be used at all. 
5. If you would like to drink something, nimbu pani can be made for the whole team (needs prior scheduling). Similarly, chaas can be made for the entire team with prior scheduling.
6. No purchase of snacks and biscuits in individually wrapped plastic wrappers 
7. If biscuits / snacks are unavoidable, then a scheduled visit to local bakery to purchase the said snack / biscuit. 
8. We will have an emphasis on local food, so even while we are in a larger city/town, and we may schedule a meal together at a restaurant, it will not be KFC, McD, pizza, etc. 

Sound and Noise Pollution
1. Being respectful of hosts and locals; speaking softly individually and as a group
2. No use of speakers for playing personal music (unless the same is a planned session with permission)
3. Being present in the moment while travelling and not plugging out or singing Antakshari in the bus

Display and Décor
1. Made from recycled material available with us already
2. Dismantle-able and re-usable during tour and after
3. Cloth preferred over paper that is preferred over plastic
4. Easy to hang and remove anywhere (on bus, on window, on a tree, etc.)

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