Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gillo Photo Exhibition 2012

Gillo Theatre Repertory believes in continuously ‘playing’ through the year. That is what shapes us as artistes.
What do we mean by that? 
Well, we play on-stage and off-stage all through the year. Over the past 3 years our artistes have been a part of an artiste development programme that involves explorations into different aspects of theatre and other arts.
Nautanki opened up our awareness of speech and lyric.
A movement workshop inspired us to create Kyun-Kyun Ladki.
Object theatre literally opened our senses to realise how many stories live around us, every single minute, inches away!
Story reading continues to keep us engaged.
Reading sessions in our library have opened up the wonderful world of children’s literature to our artistes... many of who have not seen such books before.
Mask-making, puppetry, painting, poetry readings, mime, dance, shadow play and more. We keep doing things that energise us, inspire us and most importantly connect us with the life around us.
Plain and simple, play brings joy to our lives.

So what is this Photo Exhibition about?
It is the actor’s view of the world around – shared through photographs.
For a change, the actor is behind the camera. This exercise is to further the visual sensibilities of the team and give a platform for sharing their love of photography.
Each artiste was asked to send in photographs related to the performing arts as well as some general photographs.
We are thankful to Tina Dehal, Bhaskar Gauribidanur and Raj Bachan for selecting the best of each artiste’s portfolio.
The exhibition also includes a section tracing our journey over the past 3 years - an interesting mix of workshops with children, performances, working stills, play-making processes, tours and much more.

Come, peep into our world... :)

on Fri 21st  Dec 2012, from 1pm to 10pm
Entry free

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