Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Workshops for Pre Primary Children

Gillo presents 4 exclusive workshops at Akshara High School for the Pre Primary Section. Over the past 2 years we have been designing a range of workshops for little children in various disciplines of the Arts, including visual art, drama, dance & movement, music, sculpture, story-telling, etc.
These workshops are designed with special attention to the age-specific dynamics of the participants and with a focus to stimulate them through arts-based activities. The focus is stimulation, exploration and experimentation, rather than teaching skills.
Here are the workshops for April 2012. If you are interested in hosting similar workshops at your space, please do contact us at

· Duration: 4 days (Mon 9th to Thur 12th April 2012), 1 hr 30 min every day
· For: 4-5 year olds
· Maximum participants: 15 per workshop
· Language: English & Hindi
· Venue: Akshara High School

ONE AND ALL (Creative drama)
By Manoj Karki & Harshad Tambe
Here’s a workshop where children shall come together to build structures - from a small pin to a big building. They can create the unthinkable and unlock their imagination, using mime and body movements.

PLAY IT BY EAR (Music and Games)
By Sancharee Saha
Tune in to your melodious side with fun games and songs! This shall be a unique experience of learning songs, tunes and rhythm through games. Churn your creative talents, make your own music and get inspired in this musical playground!

By Tanya Mahajan & Yashoda Joshi
Can we draw or paint pictures of large objects just as large as they are in real life?
Come experiment with art techniques to explore real-size objects and images and create wall-paintings and sculptures using interesting materials and surfaces.

PICTURES TO WORDS (Story-telling)
By Suchetna Bandopadhyay & Nishna Mehta
The workshop aims at voicing the imagination of children to create stories. We shall use pictures, colours, objects, paintings, photos, hands, legs, eyes, ears, brains and wit - to celebrate storytelling. 

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for the above workshops has been closed. 

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