Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Saturday Drama Club 2010-2011 (Batch One)

Our first batch of Saturday Drama Club (SDC) began in Sept 2010 with 15 young participants and the Gillo team. The children have worked with our actors, dancers and music composers in sessions that have a workshop style format and integrated activities.
The workshop sessions covered Theatre and the Allied Arts through games and exercises, movement and other acting skills; mime, puppetry, mask making, story-telling, theatre appreciation, shadow-play, etc.
Movement workshop was conducted by Hamsa Moily from Bangalore. Kathak based dance workshop was conducted by Pooja Pant.
Puppetry sessions were conducted over two days. Activities included: Puppet skit with ready-made puppets, freeplay with puppets, demonstration using traditional Indian puppets, audiovisual on puppets, and making simple puppets from everyday materials.
Mask-making was done with paper mache and the children who had to be the ‘models’ were really tested for their patience!
Music workshop was conducted by Hetal Varia and Sancharee Saha.
As part of theatre appreciation the participants watched ‘The Red Balloon’ show from UK staged at Akshara High School and Gillo’s ‘Suar Chala Space Ko’ at Prithvi Theatre. The children were also given a guided tour of Prithvi Theatre and helped backstage during setup.
Throughout the year we have engaged with literature in Hindi and English in a variety of ways. Children have had good exposure to contemporary Indian poetry and short stories.
In the last two sessions, we had parents participating in the activities conducted with their children and thus experiencing the joy of pure, unadulterated emotions.
This first experience has been an important process in our work at Gillo and we have gained so much from our interaction with the children. We hope to continue with the next batch and in the years to come we may even have more than one batch so we can engage with different age groups.
We would like to thank all our participants and their parents for making our first batch of  SDC a successful one.

Workshop Participants: Shankar,  Rohan, Shreyas, Omkar, Prisha, Nami, Vinay, Vikrant, Dhwani, Anjali, Parth, Niranjan , Shreya, Pratik

Workshop Conductors : Shaili Sathyu , Navyata Malkani, Pooja Pant, Hamsa Moily, Hetal Varia, Sharvari Deshpande, Harshad Tambe, Ishita Dave, Vinati Makijany, Sancharee Saha,

Assisted by: Nishna Mehta, Ronak Kitta, Karan Shukla, Siddharth Jhaveri, John Soans.

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