Sunday, August 15, 2010

Teaching Learning Equipment for Pre Primary

Here is a list of companies / organisations that make good quality Teaching Learning Equipment / Aids for Pre Primary

You may click the links to visit their respective websites.

Centre for Learning Resources, Pune
Readiness activites for language and maths, early readers (Eng/Marathi), book of words (Eng, Hin, Marathi, etc).

Vardhaman Toys, Mumbai
Wooden puzzles, pre-maths equipment, furniture, beads in various shapes and sizes, inset trays, language readiness activities

Skillofun, New Delhi
Pre-maths kits and activities, logic blocks, etc.

Creative's, New Delhi
Matching cards, puzzles, Language games, etc.

New Wave, Kolkata
Activities for developing reasoning skills, language and maths readiness, pictures for picture talk, etc.

Clever Cubes, Mumbai
Project based thematic games, very good for reasoning and thinking skills, grouping and classification, etc.

Mind mosaic, Mumbai

Giggleberry, Mumbai
Phonic cards, visual discrimination activites, etc.

More info will be added soon.

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This is just a resource list for teachers, parents and schools. We are not promoting any company or products. Do send in your suggestions so we can add to this list.

Shaili Sathyu
Creative Director
GILLO, Mumbai

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