Services Offered

Currently we offer the following services
(Products, activities and events can be in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and other Indian languages. All content shall be age specific)

  • Education consultancy services for schools including curriculum planning, training for teachers, parents and children.
  • Design and Development of Teaching and Learning Equipment


Visual Arts
  • Workshops and special events like camps and community activities related to painting, sculpture, pottery, photography, design, etc.

Performing Arts
  • Performances of plays specially written and designed for children (1 hr or more)
  • Music, dance, drama and puppetry workshops for children of different age groups
  • Short performances for schools, clubs and other groups as well as at events, birthday parties, etc. (15 min to 45 min)

Literary Arts
  • Writing and designing of books for children in different age brackets
  • Workshops on creative writing, story-telling, poetry, folk stories, etc.
  • Story-telling sessions at schools, clubs, bookstores, etc.

  • Short films for groups working with and for children